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Originally Posted by que
of course he showed proof. maybe not PUBLICLY, but it was obviously shown to the right people, the people that count in the government.
1. we ARE the right people, tha government you speak so reverently of works for US, the PUBLIC. If B.O. were smart, and actually HAD proof then he would do best to PROVE he had Proof and thereby nullify the askers of said questions, yes?...but he is counting on "clueless idiots" (like you and I - er, I suppose) to continue ignoring the issue...and his gambit had paid off, hasn't it?

otherwise he would have never even been considered for presidency.
Wow - are you that naive??

it's ridiculous, the only people questioning his birth legitimacy are average citizens (aka, clueless people like you and i) and a couple talking heads on TV - not mccain, not bush, not cheney, not the senate, not the CIA, not the FBI, not any part of the government at all. that right there should tell you enough.
I don't know that anyone is questioning his birth - just where he was see, that's why he needs to show PROOF just like everyone else, yes? What does he have to hide?

oh and didn't Thomas Jefferson once coin the expression that All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent...?

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