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Default Two Royals nearly bought to Tears

This video is the Surmon given by The Former Archbishop of Canterbury...I think his name was David Hope. He was the Archbishop that chose to stand down about a year after this was filmed, so he could go back to a parish church and work their until his retirement or death. He was replaced during my tenure with Rowan Williams...a Version of Canterbury who has said publically he would not care if the Church and State were Diss-established!

This Surmon was recorded in Saint Paul's Cathedral as part of The Queens Service of Thanksgiving on the Occasion of her Golden Jubilee...incidently...they are starting to plan her next Jubilee for 2012...what a shame that Rowan Williams will probably be making the address...What does a Parliamentarian have to say to mark such a Royal Occasion

Anyway, if you watch the address, pay close attention to Elizabeth who several times seems to have watery eyes...particularly at the end. There are also two men pictured at 4.25 mark, the one on the left REALLY seems like he's about to burst into tears, That is Prince Harry, Next to him sits Prince William, third and second Heirs after their Father, Charles...incidently, that makes them the Surviving Children of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.

You have to understand, Elizabeth takes VERY seriously her Role and her Faith....and yes...her Mother died in her Jubilee year
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