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I think the chances of this issue gaining any traction is zero. I remember during the Clinton years many of his opponents spent time and money going after him for Gennifer Flowers, conspiracy theories about Vince Foster's death being a murder rather than a suicide, etc. About the only success the Republicans had during those 8 years was when they presented ideas of their own like "The Contract with America" and welfare reform. The country is in trouble and Obama has already made many mistakes. If you disagree with Obama and his agenda, support his opponents with your time and money and help come up with good alternative ideas. The economy is in shambles, we are deeply in debt and unemployment is rising. The birth certificate isssue is just a distraction. In the words of Clinton's campaign advisors: "It's the economy, stupid!" That strategy carried him to victory in economic circumstances much better than our current economic mess. Pin Obama's management of the economy on him and he loses; concentrate on things like the birth certificate and he wins a second term.
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