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Originally Posted by David_Banner
By capping Sponsors, the UFC can actually limit what those sponsors do outside of the UFC, say for Strikeforce and or Affliction.

We were talking yesterday, and I think if you look at what Affliction did, if a couple of the key fighters/UFC Sponsors choose to go the same route, it would spell the end of UFC domination. A couple of big names end their contracts and "retire", to only re-emerge in a new org, yeah, def not what the UFC wants.

If you look at boxing and all the Sanctioning bodies that work together all over the world to unite boxing, looking at the UFC and there strong arming, it looks desperate and futile. Sure, some of those S.Bs are currupt, but still, boxing is a united front in the end. MMA is splintered, with the UFC standing on top doing everything they can to stop a expanding MMA market, outside of the UFC brand.

Boxing is ultimately controlled by the fighters themselves. Of course, there are still promoters and managers pulling strings, and just like MMA, the odd men out usually the ones on the lower end of the totem poll. Still, fighters are viewed as individuals, not by-products of a brand name.

That is where MMA is eventually going to go. After a while, people get sick of being ripped off. That is when they either quit, or they cut out the middle man.

There are two reasons that other orgs cannot compete with the UFC in my opinion; 1. Overall production quality. 2. Brand name association. Even when fighters leave the UFC or choose not to sign with them, it has proven to have little or no effect on the UFC at all. The only competition that has even really made a blip on the radar since UFC bought Pride has been when EXC had the network deal with ABC, and we saw how that ended....
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