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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy
I tried following the link, but of course im at work and its blocked...
Here you go:

Originally Posted by Anthony "Rumble" Johnson
"Iíll fight anybody the UFC puts in front of me but Iíd like to fight Matt Hughes one day. People say his level of fighting is better than mine because he has a lot of experience. I donít care. Heís a dick. Hopeufully Iíll get a chance to knock him out like Thiago Alves did...

When I fought Tommy [Speer] he was weird. Me and my friends were walking out of the locker room and he walked by. I said whatís up to him and nodded my head and he kept walking like I was invisible. I thought ok, youíre like that. Iím friendly. You only have one life to live. But if heís like that I know why Matt Serra wants to beat his ass...

He wants to retire but he doesnít need to retire until I beat his ass. After Matt Serra beats him give him to me and Iíll retire him. The HIT squad is great. Everything he does is great but I want to fight him because of that incident. Maybe he didnít see me but I saw him look right at me. You want to be like that Iíll give you a reason not to want to look at me."
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