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I think Obama should have been declared unqualified for the Presidency the instant he refused to present a copy of his birth certificate. John McCain was in the exact same position since he was born in Panama (or one of those Central American countries), but he immediately presented a valid Birth Certificate to a judge and the problem was resolved right then and there. What is Obama hiding? If he is a natural born citizen, why can't he simply present a valid birth certificate?

I know that there was a birth certificate posted on his website at one point, but a digital scan does not qualify as a valid birth certificate. If he had the document, why bother posting it on his website, why not just walk it over to the judge and present it in person and resolve the issue once and for all? He's clearly hiding something.

I would say that he should be booted out of office for this, but then we'd be stuck with President Joe Biden; so I don't know if we'd be better off.
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