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my xbox 360 is limited to fable 2 right now, and the lego indiana jones/kungfu panda that came with it

PS3 mercs2, call of duty world at war, kane and lynch, gta4 is mainly what i been playing got a few others though if anyone is interested in playing them online

WII mario party (not sure what number it is, my wife has all of them by now i think) smash brothers, monster lab, wii sport, carnival games, wii fit (gathering dust other than when a friend brings the rabbit game over, and go sleighing down hill using the wiifit to steer the sled) theres other games to but gotta go look at the shelf

yes i have to many games, more than i know, my wife made me clean up the game room and il post a pic when i get time on these shelves where over atleast 80+ PC games, around 40 ps1, 40 ps2, 20 ps3, 2 big boxes of nintendo, sega genisis, dreamcast, and atari games/consoles/controllers (i found a power glove! The Wizard anyone?) theres a xbox and 15 or so game, a 360, a wii, and i dont even know what else, the jewel to my collection of old game crap has to be my neogeo though

had to add there is a box full of nothing but pc games on 3.5 disc lol, also found my old cd/encyclopedia "The Martial Arts Explorer"
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