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Originally Posted by Jason 16
I think Mir got a huge false boost from beating nog . Iam a huge fan of Big Nog and I realy think he should not have fought that night. he was 80% in one eye and 20% blind in the other and a bad case of staph that was covered up no wonder why Mir looked so good in his fight. he fought the worst possible Nog possible

I agree that taking out a weakened and slow Nog wasn't as impressive as some may think. (including Mir) I have mixed opinions on Mir, he's awfully cocky but was a former champ and does have all the skills. I just think that his new found stand-up skills aren't going to have the same effect on Lesnar than they did on a flat-footed Nog. On the feet, Brock doesn't have to do anything fancy but keep his hands up, have decent movement and give Mir a steady 1-2 diet--his power will do the rest. That said, I really believe Brock wants to take him down, get top control and pound Mir into a smooth paste.
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