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Originally Posted by Chris F
This assumes multi race deals. Many do one race deals for much cheaper but as an example Old Spice and Office Depot are paying Tony Stewart this for his car. He gets more because he wins and is a former champ.

Hood-1 million
front quatrer pannels 500K
Rear pannels 250 k
rear bumper 500 K
In car with race camera 500K

Also you are right NASCAR does charge for everything.
Nascar has helped put a premium on advertising space witch means more $$$ for everyone. I could see how this could be helpful to rookie fighters. Let's face it shady joes gun and pawn just ain't paying what they should.
How can the UFC ask Budweiser to pay ?$?$ when shady joe is in there for 500 bucks. It has to be regulated by someone for it to ever reach the payout it should.
I think the rookie fighters will benefit from this first. Fighters like Matt with the know how to go out and get good globally know sponsors are the guys I'm worried about. But these guys are the UFC's bread and butter I'm sure they have a plan.
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