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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
My advise to Mir would be, "Don't show up!"
Why not? I mean, he'll be there one round, submit Lesnar, take the belt, the money, and Lesnar's pride, all in less than five minutes. I think it'll be worth his time to show up.

Originally Posted by VCURamFan
Yeah, pretty much. I really don't think that Frank has progressed as much as Frank thinks he has. I don't doubt that he's gotten better & that he's more confident, but I don't think he's really 100x better now like he's been preaching. Similarly, I don't expect Brock to come out & be a black belt in BJJ with KO power in every limb, but I do think that he's worked on his weak areas (especially kneebars) & will be looking for payback in this fight.
Mir doesn't need to be 100x better. He is already a great fighter. What he does need is to be mentally prepared, and in condition. His mma skills are there. The package is what needs to be brought together.
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