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Originally Posted by TENNESSEAN
There are a lot of similarities in the UFC and Nascar. For any certain brand to sponsor a car in nascar I beleave they have to pay nascar first. I could be wrong but I beleave that's right. I could see the UFC using nascar as a business model. It sucks for the fighters right now but over time this could cause the spot on a shirt in the octagon to be more valuable. Just a thought I'm not defending the UFC on this one.
I would like to be a fly on the wall when Dana has to explain this one to his fighters.
I was thinking the exact same thing about NASCAR. They take a cut of the racers' sponsorship, I'm not sure of the percentage though. It sounds like the UFC wants to take all the money themselves, rather than taking a cut of the fighters' sponsorship earnings, that's BS. I think the UFC should reserve the right to accept or deny sponsorship, as they are the parent company, it's that way in NASCAR, but they shouldn't be taking the full cut (or so it seems), bur rather, a small cut, that's fair.

Personally, I don't think seeing written on the fighters asses is a positive reflection on the UFC or MMA in general.
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