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Chris F
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Originally Posted by logrus
Nascar teams charge sponsors to place a logo on their car, the price is 5k and up too 500k per race. Though I would imagine teams and sponsors work out deals for year long sponsorship.

Nascar charges a fee for a Team to compete to be able to race on race day. Not only that but Nascar charges everything from inspections, crews and so on. The total I think I heard at one time was 140k, but I can't remember the numbers they were spitting, I just remember a sponsor less car running the races trying to pick up sponsors for the coming season.
This assumes multi race deals. Many do one race deals for much cheaper but as an example Old Spice and Office Depot are paying Tony Stewart this for his car. He gets more because he wins and is a former champ.

Hood-1 million
front quatrer pannels 500K
Rear pannels 250 k
rear bumper 500 K
In car with race camera 500K

Also you are right NASCAR does charge for everything.
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