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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN
First off, may I say I'm glad GSP beat BJ. Because it has always been my stand, that BJ is nothing but hype!

Now back to GSP and HGH. Sometimes you can SUSPECT someone is using by looking. You will have to admit that GSP is a big WW! He definitely is a lot more muscular than he used to be. The fighters in his own division are saying the same thing! Now despite his muscle mass, his speed and cardio have improved as well. Now anyone who knows anything about sport specific training knows that it is very rare to see someone who is muscular yet has the speed and cardio that GSP does. Does it mean that GSP is taking HGH? NO! AND I NEVER SAID THAT! I SAID I WOULD SUSPECT! From what I have seen from videos is that GSP trains like an animal! Well if you remember, Sean Sherk trained like an animal in some of his vids and he was using. Plus, HGH is undetectable in tests at the present. Now are you really that gullable to believe that some fighters aren't taking advantage of that?

I never said GSP was using!! So what's up with all the hate?
first off, suspecting is fine and I know a bit about PED's ... i am not an expert, but i have studied them and their use ... there is a test for hgh and it has been used reliably since around 2004 ... so if he was using it, he probably would have been caught ... also tests are not just done before a fight, they are done randomly throughout the year ... the way gsp works out, if he were taking roids or hgh, to stay at 170 and fight would be near impossible ... if you take it, it is not saying you are going to be ripped, but if you workout the way you do, you are not just going to get ripped but huge ... i knew guys that were taking testosterone and working out 2 or 3 times a week and gaining 5 pounds of muscle per week ... the stuff is that effective ... i am not saying he has never taken it ever, who knows, only him and his trainers really ..if he produces a postitive test, then that is the proof ... he is a gifted athlete and if you have good genetics and work out 5-6 times a week, you are gonna be a beast like him
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