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Originally Posted by TENNESSEAN
There are a lot of similarities in the UFC and Nascar. For any certain brand to sponsor a car in nascar I beleave they have to pay nascar first. I could be wrong but I beleave that's right. I could see the UFC using nascar as a business model. It sucks for the fighters right now but over time this could cause the spot on a shirt in the octagon to be more valuable. Just a thought I'm not defending the UFC on this one.
I would like to be a fly on the wall when Dana has to explain this one to his fighters.
Nascar teams charge sponsors to place a logo on their car, the price is 5k and up too 500k per race. Though I would imagine teams and sponsors work out deals for year long sponsorship.

Nascar charges a fee for a Team to compete to be able to race on race day. Not only that but Nascar charges everything from inspections, crews and so on. The total I think I heard at one time was 140k, but I can't remember the numbers they were spitting, I just remember a sponsor less car running the races trying to pick up sponsors for the coming season.
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