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Originally Posted by billythekid2000
Doesn't even matter now if he is guilty or not. Too much doubt has been cast. He is guilty in most people's eyes. I feel sorry for whoever has to fight him next and after that. He's gonna be mad!
It's not a good thing for the sport, that's for sure. I'm with Matt's post on this - he probably is slick, it probably has a lot to do with the vaseline/sweat mix (like people were saying in the big thread, stuff on your face will transfer to other spots in a clinch/grapple), but (key point) it didn't change the outcome of the fights. If somebody who has fought GSP three times doesn't see it as a game changer, I'm willing to go with that. Still think it was an honest mistake as far as the actions of the corner in the BJ fight. Definitely a downer that what was billed as a huge night for MMA is going to be remembered at least in part for this. Funny - only when the BJ hoard gets on something does it take on a life of its own, because we should all know BJ doesn't lose without somebody/something else being at fault I hope crybaby retires, his act is tired.
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