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Originally Posted by Play The Man
I am curious, what is your rationale for a waiting period?
To help cut some crimes of passion down.

Guy walks in on his wife doing another guy takes ten minutes, drives to the store and buys a gun and some bullets and puts 3 bullets in both of them.

If he has to wait three days cooler heads might prevail.

I'm not saying he wouldn't just stab the dude or something but I think and have been told by others with experience that pulling a trigger is often easier then plunging a blade into someone.

Point being that rarely does someone buy a gun the same day they are taking it hunting.

To some it might sound silly but I've seen some angry people that if they could have brought guns at that moment would have used them and then they would have regretted it when cooler heads prevail.

A short waiting period does more good then harm I think. It doesn't really trample on anyones rights and might save a few lives.
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