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Originally Posted by Neezar
And you are taking a trip overseas while selling off belongings to pay for your needs?

What is wrong with you?
The Money for the Trip is NOT MINE, I dont know how many bloody times I need to say this to you. Over and over again.

I have NEVER been to America on MY OWN MONEY...and the money given to me is for that use, and that use ONLY.

Just because you made an offer you thought was well beyond my means of ever accepting, and then backed out when the funds appeared...doesnt mean the funds I used belonged to me. We are talking about Inheritance Money from a LIVING RELATIVE who has instructed me what I CAN and CANT spend the money on...or else I cant have it.

Incidently, I suppose I should tell you that I also have 10Thousand Stirling. But once again, that is Money that doesnt belong to me, and its in reserve in case I ever get married, or for a deposit on a permanent House. Its tied up in bonds belonging to other relatives right now.

You've been told where the money for the States Tour has come from on SEVERAL occasions in the past, again and again for the last two years, so stop making me out to look like a financial dumbass when you KNOW what the situation with that area is. Its being paid FOR ME. Ergo...NOT MY MONEY
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