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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Will some of you do me a favour...

Would you list some positive things about your Government?
Would you list some things that you should be thankful for?

Rather then telling me how bad you have it under your government...which is the jist of almost every politic thread about American politics sinse the Wallstreet Wobble...perhaps you'd like to remind me how Great America is...what is Good about the it stands out from the its people have more freedom then anywhere else.

Tell me some positives

Understand...I dont want to hear about how you think your Government is oppressing you or stealing your freedoms...when compared to mine, or other places...your Government isnt really doing anything at all.

I think a book by Arthur Brooks entitled Who Really Cares at least partially answers your question about what is good about America. I read the book but I think it is packed up in a box right now so I can't reference it at the moment. In brief, America is an incredibly generous country. Below is a quote from Brooks from an internet article that offers some proof:

Q. Are Americans more or less charitable than citizens of other countries?
A. No developed country approaches American giving. For example, in 1995 (the most recent year for which data are available), Americans gave, per capita, three and a half times as much to causes and charities as the French, seven times as much as the Germans, and 14 times as much as the Italians. Similarly, in 1998, Americans were 15 percent more likely to volunteer their time than the Dutch, 21 percent more likely than the Swiss, and 32 percent more likely than the Germans. These differences are not attributable to demographic characteristics such as education, income, age, sex, or marital status. On the contrary, if we look at two people who are identical in all these ways except that one is European and the other American, the probability is still far lower that the European will volunteer than the American.
Brooks goes on to show that American conservatives are much more generous than American liberals. Their generosity not only encompasses giving to religious charities but secular ones as well. In addition, their generosity is expressed not just in monetary gifts; conservatives are much more likely to volunteer their time than liberals (to both religious and secular activities). The findings appear to be robust - conservatives are even more likely to donate blood than liberals. Brooks found that the conservative/liberal difference was explained by religion. Liberal religious believers were as generous as conservatives but there were few liberal religious believers as compared to conservative religious believers so the conservative statistics were much more impressive.

Americans work more hours per week than most Europeans and take less vacation time. In addition, America's productivity per hour worked is quite high compared to other countries. We are wealthy, yes, but we work hard for it. Could we be more generous and more hard-working? YES; however, I don't think Europeans should be lecturing us. I think this is a case where Europeans should worry about the beam in their own eye rather than the mote in America's eye.
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