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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
Right to pursue happiness
Keeping the money to yourself would have made the reccession worse, I could explain it, but I dont think I'll bother

I dont particularly support this piece of Legislation...what I dislike is the fact that you guys do nothing but complain about your Government and say nothing but what problems you will have. Compared to the rest of the world, your Domestic Government is benign, and you have almost no restrictions placed upon you.

It disturbs me to hear you go on and on about your freedoms being violated, your privacy being taken away, your contempt at being told what to do. When you ignore the selfishness and the Greedy aspects of your Industry and your Citizenry that are of far more concern to the rest of the world then your Government.

I want to be cheered up. I want to hear how GOOD America is...because I am living in a place so much worse then the vast majority of you I imagine.

Incidently, I have highlighted this one area of your quote to ask you a serious question. Nietzsche says that we should all be permitted to discover and realize our true potential, he calls this "becoming" His works are often viewed as very dark...but one thing he says is that he draws the line on finding your becoming IF it harms someone around you.

Should you still have the freedom to "seek Happiness" if that leaves other people in misery by whatever it takes to realize your dream. The most horrific thing about "the American Dream" is that its actually nothing more then Darwinian Survival of the Fittest. Everyone should have the chance to succeed...but its very much "make your mistakes, but no second chances" If things go wrong, its very much thought that natural to leave that persons hopes and dreams in the gutter with was the start of capitalism which is out for only one thing...itself....and by the way...much of the freedom it brings is an illusion...infact rather then being freed, we discover just how much in bondage we are too the financial world...which is where American went fundementally wrong.

Freedom suddenly meant, no restrictions...rather then Doing what is Right in the eyes of GOD

Regardless of that, I still firmly believe its so much better then anywhere else, and the people are so much better then anywhere else also. It just depresses me when they havent a nice word to say about their own Country or leadership
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