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If we have it so much better than everybody else why should we copy off everybody else? Here's a few thoughts.
1-Instead of blaming America for your Counties problems, blame the Folks that are in charge of your country!

2-Instead of trying to make America as poor as you say everybody else is they should be trying to bring themselves up to where you say we are!
In other words we ain't trying to stop Y'All from improving your life so stop blaming us for all of YOUR problems.

3- You say we are a rich Country. Well if we are why should we want to become poor and hungry?

4-Since when was it so bad to desire Freedom? Why is it so bad to cherish and protect the Freedom we have been blessed with?

5-Why is it so great to be controlled that much by any human or Human institution like Government? The way I see it is that our Freedom was given to us by God not Government! So Government should not be taking away but rather protecting!

6-As for Kyoto I see no reason we should let any other country tell us how much energy we can use or even what kind of energy we can use!
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