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So how did the citizens keep the government from saving the world? Also, how would the U.S. save the world?

I haven't once said, nor seen anybody else on this forum who have said we have it bad in the United States and anybody who does think that or says that needs to go spend a few weeks in a 3rd world country to get a taste of that life. I spent 3 weeks in the Philippines when I went to meet my wife in person for the first time. Even before that trip, I've always thanked God for the simple things I have in life...fresh water, air conditioning, food, clothing, cars, work, etc. I do agree though, most people take those things for granted, and those are things for which my wife and I thank God every day.

I am taxed for waste disposal, every month. It's not that way everywhere here, but my community has us pay for waste disposal and recycling. It's a good thing

Dave, I'm sorry to hear about those things, I really am. And definitely hope you get to feeling better, but it certainly isn't helping your health to point all the blame at the United States.

Hope you feel better in the morning man!
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