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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
LOL, that's it? So the recession was all the U.S.' fault? How can you prove this?

I'm sure it was OUR fault the price of rice tripled in early 2008 as well?
Sub Prime United States decided to live off Credit, United States Banks let them.

When it all came crashing down the United States Citizens tried to stop the Government from saving the world.

The delay has cost the rest of the world ALOT. I am so sick of hearing how you think you have got it bad. You have it better then anywhere else in the whole world! your cost of living is less, your taxes are less, your petrol is less, your freedom is more.

Try to understand something...I am organizing a car boot sale so that I dont go into my overdraft again this next year. I am selling some of my belongings to make sure I have money for everything I need.

When you are selling your belongings to pay for your needs, then you can start complaining.

From what I hear of the artical looks like they bearly got it through one place in Government and DONT look like they will get it through the what are you upset about?

When your council starts to tax you for your waste disposal, and when you have an unellected President, come back to me. I've had a really terrible week, I feel really ill, and so I'm sorry if I sound like an arse, but you guys dont know how lucky you have it, compared to some other First World Countries....We're not talking Africa here...we are talking about how different and much better the standard of living is in the United States compared to your closest Allied Force.

I'm going to bed.
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