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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Deforestation, is ruining the planet
fumes from anything that burns, is ruining the planet
dropping litter, is ruining the planet.

Just because you dont think its your job to sacrifice something for the planet, doesnt change the truth.

The majority of the rest of the world is already living in poverty...recently, because of YOUR I wouldnt complain about joining the rest of us if I were you.

You guys always blow EVERYTHING out of proportion. Well your government has made the decision for you, and in this particular case, I aggree with them.
How is it truth? Is there any viable evidence or is this simply another crackpot "truth"?

We blow everything out of proportion? So, it's OUR fault the world is suffering? The United States gives more money to impoverished countries than any other nation on the planet. So how are WE blowing things out of proportion? Perhaps, it's you Dave.

On the flipside, if we are blowing EVERYTHING out of proportion, then "global warming" caused by humans is being blown out of proportion. That also means this most recent energy bill is blowing things out of proportion.
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