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Originally Posted by Tyburn
that would be great

But I think he wants to fight someone elite...I guess we can pretend that Serra is elite because he got the that is a reasonable comprimise....Swick feels he is fighting an elite Former Title Holder...the Fans feel it would be a launch pad for a True member of the Divisions Elite...and we get to see Swick Win, and Serra Lose all over again

Its a win situation for everyone...apart from Matt Serra of course

Honestly, it seems like a ruff road for Serra anywhere he goes. But yeah, fighting Serra would at least give the impression Swick is making his way up the ranks. Doesnt seem right that they'd bypass Serra and match Swick up with Hughes because right now, Swick needs to prove he can hold his own with Hughes, as well as the rest of the MW Elite. If he can beat Serra, he has more ground to stand on.
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