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Originally Posted by Tyburn

lets hope Obama signs Kyoto shall we.

Whether or not you believe in global warming isnt the issue...the point is, we were put incharge of this planet by GOD to look after it. Everything costs money, and this is something you should be doing in order to look after the world regardless of what you believe...personally I believe the world is warming and climates are changing...but im not undully worried as I see its part of a natural cycle that we are just speeding up. It would have happened anyway...but should care for GODs creation...and America should be leading the way...its a major area it hasnt bothered with, thanks to its low population, it hasnt been much of a loss...but its always nice for America to join the rest of us...even if she usually is late for our crusade
Yeah, let's just sign over our national sovereignty based on the theories of a bunch of crackpot scientists. This would be funny if we weren't actually signing over our freedoms based on false-science.

But I guess freedom can only be given up willingly and unfortunately enough people are stupid enough to buy into this whole Global Warming scam that they're happy to give up their freedom.

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