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Default My Spencer Fisher Interview

im so happy i got this interview...check it out guys....spencer is one of the nicest guys and an awesome fighter

FLD Exclusive with Spencer Fisher: "Fighting Cole Miller doesnít do anything for me at this point."
Written by Stephanie Pittman
Tuesday, 23 June 2009 14:36
Fightlockdownís own Stephanie Pittman has been at it again, and this time sheís managed to steal some time from a UFC fan favourite in Spencer ďthe KingĒ Fisher. In this interview, Spencer reflects on his recent victory over Caol Uno, his take on Penn/Florian, and calling out Cole Miller.

Stephanie Pittman (SP): First I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with

You have had a lot of great fights in your career and are known for putting on an exciting show when you fight. To date what has been your favorite fight?

Spencer Fisher (SF): My fight with Josh Neer was really a gut check for me and a real wake up call. Going five, 5 minute rounds was something I really wanted to do. After that fight was over I realized that this was something I wanted to pursue. (Fisher beat Neer by split decision at VFC 7: Showdown)

SP: I know that youíre a big outdoors kind of guy and you love to hunt. When youíre out hunting deer, what is your weapon of choice?

SF: I love it. I hunt with a bow, and you know, Iím in the Midwest now and I really enjoy going out and bow hunting.

SP: I know that your wife is also an MMA fighter and I was wondering if she has ever knocked you out and made you tap? [laughs]

SF: All of the above. [laughs]

SP: Does it help having a wife who also trains MMA?

SF: It does, a lot. My daughters get in as well and itís a big help because they understand what is going on. The other day my baby, my two-year old, got in the cage where I was a special guest referee and the crowd applauded her and she put her fist up. It was really cute.

SP: What is it like training in Thailand? How long did you train there?

SF: It was okay, I was there for a month. The thing is that it was a lot of repetition and not much learning. It was definitely an experience though.

SP: UFC 100 is approaching and Alves will be fighting GSP for the belt. Is it strange to see a guy you beat 4 years ago fighting for the welterweight title?

SF: No. He deserves to be there and Iím proud of him. Thatís an awesome achievement. If he were to win the title and they wanted me to move up in weight and fight him I would happily do it. [laughs]

SP: How do you see the BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian fight going, and who would you rather fight out of the two?

SF: I think it comes down to if BJ puts his heart and soul into it. Kenny is a tough guy and knows what it takes to win, but I see BJ winning unless he doesnít show-up 100 percent mentally. Iíve wanted to fight BJ for some time now and it would be my dream to fight him, so I hope he wins and I can fight him sometime down the road.

SP: So during the Uno fight a lot of people kept saying that you and Uno were both intelligent fighters and were simply cancelling each other out the whole fight. Do you agree with that?

SF: Yeah, everyone knows that Iím not a wrestler. I have a lot of respect for Uno and I knew that he was going to try and take me down. So I went out there and I was able to stuff the takedowns. So, yes, I do think we cancelled each other out stylistically.

SP: We all know that you prefer to stand and bang, and your much improved takedown defense came in handy during the Uno fight. Did it ever frustrate you that he kept going for the TD instead of standing with you?

SF: I was just happy I was able to stuff his takedowns. Having to stop the takedowns I wasnít able to use my hands as much as I wanted, but thatís how it goes.

SP: You mentioned in your post-fight interview that you wouldnít mind fighting either Cole Miller or Hermes Franca. Which would be more satisfying, beating a guy that went and called you out or avenging one of your losses?

SF: Well going back on that, you know when people call me out, Iím not hard to find. If we set it up, we set it up, but really fighting Cole doesnít do anything for me at this point. If Hermes wins his up-coming fight that would definitely be a match I would like to take back. At this point in my career I want to fight someone that gets me closer to the title. No disrespect to anybody, but I donít want to take any steps back. I want fights that bring me steps closer to the title.

SP: Is there anything you want to say to your fans or any shout outs to your sponsors?

SF: Thanks for all the support and thanks to KO Dynasty for really hooking me up.

SP: Spencer, once again thanks a lot for the interview. I really enjoy your fights and look forward to hopefully interviewing you again in the future. Best of luck.

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