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Originally Posted by Play The Man
What do I admire about English heritage? In less than 30 seconds I thought of the following: OED, Magna Carta, Shakespeare, RAF and the Battle of Britain ("if the British Empire and its commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, "This was their finest hour""), Winston Churchill, White Horse Inn, Westminster standards, Cambridge, Oxford, Isaac Newton, etc., etc., etc. I don't know how you could ever tease out the contribution of the monarchy to each of these events and people. It seems like you feel passionately about this subject. Perhaps we can agree that England has a rich cultural heritage which hopefully isn't in irreversible decline and we can agree to disagree about the merits of monarchy vs. other forms of government?
The Magna Carte?

Your a Parliamentarian then The Magna Carte being an attempt by the barons to reign in...wasnt it King John? I forget which Monarch it was.

Opposite sides of the Civil War, you and I What we discovered from Cromwell was that a Government, A democratic Government, can be JUST as corrupt and Dictatorial as a Monarchy. Not all Dictatorships are bad ones...After all, the Divine World runs on a Dictatorship and not Democracy.

Democrasy is just the most fair way of getting a leadership in. Once they are in though, they can be as bad as an unellected leadership. England at Present is under an unellected dumbass of a Prime Minister

As for HM The Queen, she is "the embodiement of the Nation" The Fact England HAD an Empire is down to Monarchy and Armed Forces...two things very much in Decline. Britainnia NO LONGER rules the waves I'm afraid...we struggled to hold down Basra

Another Video for you to watch...Just listen to the language used, and the Titles given by The Garter
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