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Originally Posted by Play The Man
Have you read Mark Steyn's America Alone? It is a must-read. In brief, he documents Europe's plummeting birthrate and the concomitant high rates of Muslim immigration and high Muslim birthrate. Most Europian countries are not even having enough children to replace the population yet alone have population growth. The subject matter is historically important but is essentially ignored by academia, the media, politicians, etc. He predicts a future "Eurabia" with massive changes in Europe's culture. Additionally, the Europian socialist welfare state will collapse. It is frightening stuff but if you read only one book this year make it this one.
All things eventually come to pass I suppose

All the Great Empires of olde have been Eclipsed in one way or another, perhaps we are just still in that same cycle dispite the post-modern age, after the Islamists, may come the chinese for all we know.

Europe is probably past saving at this point. But there is hope that America can push on. Her rise is only Sixty Years old. The Average span for an Empire is around 2-3 Centuries. With any luck America will be able to preserve what little is left of her Parents and their Ilk.
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