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My name is Tracy and I am 29. I am married and have 2 kids. I am a twin and I have twins that are 4 yrs old. I know that is not suppose to happen. I first watched MMA when Matt was fighting Trigg. I couldn't believe the determination and heart that he had to come back and slam Trigg into the ground. I watched that fight with my husband and I fell in love with fighting and Matt. My husband really didn't get into it much so he is usually outside working one of his trucks when I'm watching UFC. My husband thinks I am obsessed and I can only imagine what he would think if he knew I have another family he doesn't know about (you guys). I love mudding, fishing and hunting in that order. Going mudding is our favorite family activity. I live in Sunny Florida and have never seen snow (although is frosted here this morning). I love reading the forums when I am "working".

I also have a crush on Boomer.
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