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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Do you really want me to answer that Ben...or would you mind just re-reading stuff from the past that I've written. I dont really want to waste my time having to write down all the myriad facts of why BJ Penn isnt much cop (outside of his remarkable skill base) as with the lightweight belt.

See, this is what I'm talking about, though. To me, as long as the champ is a worthy one who fights the guys he's supposed to & wins, then the division is fine. Even though I don't really like BJ & think he's been whining too much about GreaSy P, I still don't see how you can say that the entire division is going through a dark time.

For example: I'm not a big fan of GSP & I wish someone else would become the champ (I'm rooting for Kenny, btw), but my dislike of GSP for personal reasons is no reason for me to say that the division is in need of a renaissance.

If your argument is that BJ creates too much of a glass cieling, then how can you be a fan of Matt? Being the most dominant champ in UFC history pretty clearly states that you've capped off the division for a long time.

Dislike Penn all you want, I don't care. I just can't understand how you seem to think that he's ruined the division.
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