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Originally Posted by Josh
He did tell people his weight. I think it was one of the videos with the guy he brought in for wrestling. He trained harder than some other fights no doubt but the amount of crap he talked he should have come in totally shredded. That's just his style and if he can win that way than it's hard to argue. It's just that I think he would have had a much better chance if he came in bulked up a little bit. But as has been said a zillion times he is forced to be in decent shape at 155 and I think he can beat anyone in the UFC's LW division.
the only way he is gonna come in shredded is if he came into that fight weighing 165 lbs. You cant just add 20 lbs of muscle in a month or two, and even if by some chance he did, what is he supposed to do whne he has to defend the LW title. BJ's thought process was that his skill could overcome any size difference. The problem was that was not the case. BJ just could not handle GSP's size.
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