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Originally Posted by Play The Man
I am a seed of Albion. Thirteenth-generation North American. My ancestors left Ipswich during the Great Migration of Puritans in the 1630's and we have been moving west ever since (if I go much further west I will be east!). My ancestors were Loyalists during the Revolutionary War and had to move to Canada at the conclusion of the war. Later generations immigrated back to America.

No, I am not a Royalist.

I enjoy Cranach's painting as a work of art and enjoy the symbolism of George defeating the dragon. I fear for the future of England with the Islamist threat and the crazy political correctness and multiculturalism. Here is to hoping that Albion recovers the vigor of St. George to stand up to her enemies when needed.
You have an interest in Classical Cultures I've not heard in an age The United Kingdom refered to by such an ancient title

I'm afraid things are very much worse then you suspect...I think though Corruption and Bankruptcy might kill us before any Islamist Rule. The present Canterbury wants to impose some aspects of Sharia law (the Judiciary aggrees) and wants to Diss-Establish the Church. The Present Prime Minister is a dumbass Scot who is unellected, and his decade in the treasury prior to his asscension has meant England is one of the worst hit by the financial recession. Almost the whole Government has been spending tax payers money on a criminally fraudulant expenses Scandle. Noone, including the Government or Press, like the Replacement Speaker for the First Speaker to be Ousted in about 300 years. Our Military is so over stretched that we are inadequet as a resource for our Allies in almost any warzone.

But...We still have the Monarchy. I'm a Royalist, I think Tradition is most important. I also wish that Her Majesty would exercise her Power...She should Disband Parliament, and Force an immediate General Ellection to create a New Government...Even the Parliamentarian Leader, During the Republic, Disbanded his Parliament when it was Corrupt
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