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Originally Posted by VCURamFan

He's the former IFL HW champ:

Also, he's apparently preggers!
I did note the IFL thing, but still... he looks likes he's going to have twins. I looked for a video of his championship fight.

Im guessing hes like Mike Fischer who fights in Okinawa at the local circut and once he connects with his hands he keeps going till the reff gives the TKO...

But i agree with the first post, he is most well known probally for getting KO'd by A.A.

Originally Posted by Crisco
Roy Nelson is VERY legit.

He's one of those guys that shouldn't be on top. He should just get a testing fight on a UFN card or something to gauge him.

I'm picking big country to take the show.
I don't know... nelson kind of seems like an chance fighter to me. I guess after seeing the clips and pictures from sherdog... i don't know..

I guess its kind of like my view on this one : i had mentioned in another thread. There's no way that that guy should have been in the finals.... no way. Espically considering theres a million other kids who thrash themselves day in and day out for their break, and most of which never get it, even though they could probally merc the 'champ' up....

IMO, This ISN'T an/the Ultimate Figher...

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