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Originally Posted by bradwright
the problem with his little plan was he never thought the whole thing through before he decided to ask for this fight,,and honestly i dont think BJs crew did him any favours either,,instead of nodding their heads and agreeing with everything BJ said somebody should have spoke up and told BJ that GSP is a lot better fighter this time around and maybe just maybe he should train like his life depended on it,,or at least like his legacy did,i'm not taking anything away from BJ but this really was the biggest mistake he has ever made going into a fight,,
as far as him retiring?i could see that coming too,,BJ is done,,he will retire very soon,,it may not be untill after he defends his title but if he loses that one then he Quits for sure,,
the only reason BJ is in this situation right now is because he is lazy,,and that will never change,,
you have it in your head that BJ is lazy yet ever since his 2nd fight with Matt he has trained his ass off for all his fights. BJ being lazy is not what lost his the fight vs GSP. He came into that fight in shape and ready to go but GSP was just to strong for him. I dont think BJ did the wrong thing by asking for this fight. BJ loves the challenge of fighting bigger fighters and this was a great test for him. In the end he came up short but BJ is still one of the best fighters of all time.
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