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Originally Posted by Tyburn
I spent the first 18 years of my life in Lincoln, I lived in a little Suburb about four miles out from the Centre of town, called Swallowbeck, Our house was large, our Garden was larger, it was a fantastic place to be raised.

My Grandmother still lives in Lincoln at present, she still goes to the Church I was brought-up in, and one of my Friends from Saint Paul's, is now the Dean of Lincoln Cathedral Next tiem I go to Lincoln I shall have to record some videos of the area I grew up in.

Our house had an old pond, but it got drained when we were tiny children because my parents were worried that one of us would fall in and drown, so it became a sunken Garden...The House was detached so we could play music loud and not disturb anybody...honnestly...occasionally I still have dreams about the place...its funny, because when I first started on the anti-depressents they would awaken memories I hadnt had in a very long time...perhaps it was being able to hear the noise of the conservatory door slam...very distinctive...or perhaps it was the sound of the railwayline blowing through the study window when the wind was right....Strange memories mostly audio, that would really take me back.

Infact...I'll go scan in and post some pictures in the picture thread for you
sounds great,,i would be very interested in seeing them,,
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