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Originally Posted by bradwright
well you may be right, i dont think the narrator thinks much of it either but i think its a wonderful place and would love to visit in person some day,,
i am never going to pretend that i know anything about Cathedrals but i do find them to be very interesting and i like this one very much from what i could see of it,,
Let me show you a few more then

This first Video is of Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln isnt anything important as Cathedrals go BUT its one of the more impressive Monuments the Church has. I was born in Lincoln

The Second is of Saint Paul's Cathedral. This Cathedral is the Throne of the Top Bishop of the English Church. It ranks at Number Three under the Two Archbishops (York and Canterbury) I used to work here.

The third is York Minister...this building lies less then forty Mins away from my house by Train (Although I actually live under the Rule of Ripon Cathedral, which is forty mins in the other direction...but its crappy looking, so I aint showing it to you LOL
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