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Originally Posted by Maldonado136
ROY NELSON: Boasting a 13-4 MMA record, the 32-year-old is a former Elie XC fighter who is perhaps best known for being knocked out by Andrei Arlovski last October.

Oddly enough, before i started reading into this thread, i was on Sherdog and stumbled across picture of the Arlovski / Nelson fight and was thinking "Wow... this guy must NEVER train, because he's HUGE. Didn't Arlovski weighs like 240 and Nelson weigh(ed) 249?

thats a small weight gap, but HUGE differance in size... he huge, and soft. Im not trying to be a hater, but... i mean...

I'm curious to see how he preforms on the show and in training, because IF he lasts, i think he's gonna look way differant come the end.


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We dont get mad at skittles for making money off of new flavors.

You obviously never tried the chocloate ones or mint ones...
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