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Originally Posted by Tyburn

1. The fact that it isnt lost on a number of people that Thiago Alves can never seem to make weight,
2. Georges Saint Pierre is a know cheat,
3. Michael Bisping is not well loved after this seiries of TUF,
4. Dan Henderson cant fight without causing low blows,
5. Noone likes Frank Mir...
6. and Brock Lesnar shouldnt even be in the UFC much less holding a title belt, grudge match or not.

I mean how stupid do they really think we are?? Do they honnestly believe because they make Joe Rogan their propagander spin doctor tell us its such a good card...that we will care?? When many of us would rather watch the fight with no sound at all, then listen to his endless cliches
1. he has missed weight 1 time in 19 fights and he made weight for his last fight

2. true but there should be someone there to make sure he does not do it again and people have shown they dont really care that he cheated

3. Who cares if he is not well loved he is still a good fighter and helps build this card

4. this is just false

5. Not really true, a lot of people like him

6. Why not??? The guy has beaten Randy and Herring which shows that he is more than skilled enough to be in the UFC. As for the title shot, yes it was early but there was really no one else who deserved that title shot.

Over all, UFC 100 is a great card. As for the LW's you talked about earlier, there are 2 solid LW fights on the card. It would be nice if they had BJ vs Ken-Flo fight on the card as well but that would have never happened.
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