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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
Well if they are having sponsors pay more to be able to promote at UFC 100 than at the other events, that's not any different than NBC charging more money for airtime during the Super Bowl. If you have a problem with the UFC for taking advantage of this, then you should also discuss NBC.

Since this is the case, I don't see anything wrong with it.

So you use the utter greed of one company to legitamize the utter greed of another?

That makes it alright does it??

Tell me...if all your neighbours were living off Credit...would that convince you, that you should also?? We're not talking about other Greedy companies, we are talking about the UFC! they should NOT be taking advantage of this situation

With any luck, Brock Lesnar will injre himself and have to pull out, Thiago Alves will fail to make weight, and Michael Bisping will have visa see how easily UFC100 could plop?? If I were the UFC I wouldnt go counting my chickens...they'd look very foolish if they had a small run of bad luck before the event...then their Greed would come back to haunt them. Incidently...doesnt this STILL proove that the UFC are STILL stuck on their foolish Heavy Weight pharse?

They havent got anything special in the Lightweight Division for UFC100...theres a suprise! the most stacked division and they just wont never treat those people like they are as good as those who compete in the heavier divisions.

The fact that it isnt lost on a number of people that Thiago Alves can never seem to make weight, Georges Saint Pierre is a know cheat, Michael Bisping is not well loved after this seiries of TUF, Dan Henderson cant fight without causing low blows, Noone likes Frank Mir...and Brock Lesnar shouldnt even be in the UFC much less holding a title belt, grudge match or not.

I mean how stupid do they really think we are?? Do they honnestly believe because they make Joe Rogan their propagander spin doctor tell us its such a good card...that we will care?? When many of us would rather watch the fight with no sound at all, then listen to his endless cliches
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