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its outrageous to be honnest.

The UFC have no right to medle in the affairs of Fighter sponcers...with the exception of a clothing brand that runs a competative promotion. Its clearly just a money making programme...a way to gain extra that the fighters and fans wont even see!!

We're in the middle of a bloody recession, that STARTED due to greed...and here we are with a perfect demonstration of a how a multi-million pound company is getting a completely free income that it doesnt need whatsoever, meanwhile the employees are the ones to suffer.

Like I said before. Dana White is fast breaking down all that he built up, out of greed. Its about time some of the big Journalistic enterprises began to confront and question about this. Its about time someone went up to White on tape and ask directly what the deal is with banning sponcers...they need to ask him if he's just being greedy
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