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Originally Posted by que
i respect frank mir's professionalism when he is commentating (even though i think he is the most biased commentator in MMA) and i respect his heart to come back from a bad motorcycle accident, but i really do hope he gets destroyed by brock at UFC 100. i rooted against brock last time but not this time. since that fight happened, my whole perception of mir has changed. he was the biggest jerk coach that tuf has ever seen IMO. he was even more disrespectful to his opposing coach and the opposing team than serra was when he was a coach on tuf. seeing how he acts when he's not commentating or doing post-fight speeches really opened my eyes. i think brock is going to dominate him this time, but he won't make the mistake of getting caught.

does anyone else feel the same way?

Indeed. That UFC Fight club event a few fights ago pretty much highlighted Mirs ego in the worst light possible. You get the impression if you were to run into Brock somewhere, talking to him "man to man" really wouldnt be anything. He's a confident guy that has a real world sensibility to him. Frank on the other hand seems, lately, to think he's a cross between Bruce Lee and a godless Rickson Gracie. His elitism for himself over others is worrying and his comments about Brock are hilarious. According to Mir, he is going to handle Brock as if Brock was a new born baby ,which that in itself is a recipe for disaster,imo.
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