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Originally Posted by Crisco
Well it said for UFC 100 didn't say for all UFC's
I was thinking that that too, but it still does not make it right. I realize that UFC 100 is a bigger event than usual, with all the pomp and circumstance, but $100,000 is a lot of money to shell out for sponsors who may not be even spending a fraction of that on the fighter they are sponsoring.

Not to mention that most times when you sponsor a fighter, you are essentially gambling on that fighter. If the fighter wins, your product will likely get a plug in the post fight interview. If the fighter loses, you just spent over $100,000 to put your logo on a banner that gets seen for 10 seconds, or shirt that gets seen on the way to the cage. Sure, some sponsors put their logos on fighters shorts, but that is a gamble too, because you never know how long a fight will last. Either way, $100,000 is a ridiculous amount for the UFC to be asking. They are making plenty of money without meddling in the fighters outside sponsors.
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