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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
Getting someone into gaurd is normally considered a defensive move, granted, if you have someone in gaurd.. your in control..but a person in your gaurd, reallly only has to lay on top.. espically if they have under hoors.. not much you can do from a bad gaurd.

. Pulling gaurd from your feet normally means that the fight will be pretty damn short as the one that pulls gaurd, has a plan.
if the guy on top is landing tons of punches I am fine with giving him the decision. My problem is when a guy scores a takedown and just sits in the other guys guard doing nothing or just defending submission attempts and is still given that round.

by the way I found what PRIDE used as their full judging criteria

1. the effort made to finish the fight via KO or submission,
2. damage given to the opponent,
3. standing combinations and ground control,
4. takedowns and takedown defense,
5. aggressiveness
6. weight (in the case that the weight difference is 10 kg/22 lb or more).
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