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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy
All I have to say is WAR HUGHES... You fools can debate for hours over what you think might or might not be over this fight if it even happens. I will continue to have faith in the man himself...
Matt hope the fam bam is doing good.. Hope Audras pregnancy is going well no morning sickness and all that jazz.. Send her my love..
debating what we think will happen/won't happen doesn't mean we don't have faith in matt like you do. we all have faith that he will win

i don't know if this fight will even happen but if it does it could and probably will put hughes in direct line for a title shot... because i think swick is already pretty close to a title shot himself with one more impressive win (but he won't win against hughes) so a win over swick would put him right up there for the winner of alves/gsp IMO
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