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Default UFC 100 Current Poll Results on

As of 6/24/09 on

This is pretty cool to see what others think.

Lesnar vs. Mir
72% Lesnar by KO/TKO
21% Mir by Submission
3% Mir by KO/TKO
2% Lesnar by Decision
1% Lesnar by Sumbission
1% Mir by Decision
0% Draw
75% Lesnar vs. 25% Mir
My selection: Lesnar by KO/TKO

St-Pierre vs. Alves
37% St-Pierre by KO/TKO
24% St-Pierre by Decision
21% Alves by KO/TKO
14% St-Pierre by Submission
3% Alves by Decision
1% Alves by Submission
0% Draw
75% St-Pierre vs. 25% Alves
My selection: St-Pierre by Submission

Henderson vs. Bisping
29% Henderson by KO/TKO
27% Henderson by Decision
18% Bisping by Decision
17% Bisping by KO/TKO
5% Henderson by Submission
2% Bisping by Submission
0% Draw
61% Henderson vs. 37% Bisping (I have no idea why those numbers don't add up to 100, but I triple-checked!)
My selection: Henderson by KO/TKO

Fitch vs. Thiago
43% Fitch by KO/TKO
23% Fitch by Decision
15% Fitch by Submission
9% Thiago by KO/TKO
6% Thiago by Submission
2% Thiago by Decision
0% Draw
81% Fitch vs. 17% Thiago (same as above, doesn't add up)
My Selection: Fitch by Submission

I skipped Akiyama vs. Belcher

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