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I am very interested in the upcoming TUF 10. Not just only to see Rashad and Rampage exchange words, but believe it or not, I am actually interested in seeing if KIMBO has improved since his time away from EliteXC, and how he will improve by the end of the show. He will most likely get on the fight card for the finale if he makes it to the finals or not. It seems Dana has been putting these guys up against each other, except for the ones that quit and don't want to fight on the show when it's their turn. He does not have to win TUF to become part of the UFC, Dana has signed many fighters that did not win the show. He said "the only way Kimbo Slice will ever get into the UFC is if he goes throught TUF". He never said that he has to win, I would think that no matter what the outcome, as long as Kimbo does not quit, he is a shoe in on the UFC roster. Dana knows he can make money off of his name and it seems to be all he cares about.
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