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Originally Posted by Buzzard
Tell that "so what" to the family that lost their primary source of income and medical insurance when the breadwinner lost their job because the boss didn't like the employee and would rather hire minimum wage employees than keep his highly trained employees who earned and produced more.

Tell that to the employees who were let go one week before they would be vested in the company, losing not only their source of income but also their homes, retirement, and life savings due to the greed of the CEO's.

The blame for the auto industry should go upon the corporate CEO's who mismanaged the funds and took their millions in guaranteed money yet didn't have the smarts to run a lemonade stand. Bad business practices and decisions aren't the fault of the union worker; deep inside you probably know that to be true but can't/won't admit it.

To be fair though, all unions aren't the same and I don't like the fact the the lazy sob's have the same protection. A smart company can terminate a union employee if they have all their ducks in a row.

Your blanket statements which includes all unions show that you really don't know much about the struggle from the labor point of view.
Of course the CEO's had a hand in it, but a large part of the problem was the amount of benefits retired workers were getting. Something a lot of people fail to realize with giant benefit packages, just like Social Security, those kind of programs work for a while, but eventually people start taking more and more, then the pot runs dry.

Actually, I know quite a bit about labor unions, and their "struggle". My stepfather just retired from the Cement Finishers Union after over 40 years, to which he was vice-president of the local and ran their finances for over a decade. Also, my mom was a United Food and Commercial Workers member for almost 30 years.

Unions are run by politics, and the top dogs of the unions are every bit as corrupt as the CEO's themselves. That "so what" is because the overall good that unions are supposed to bring have been outweighed by their negative impacts. Higher labor costs equals higher costs of goods and services for the consumer. I don't know why that is so hard to understand...

There is both good and greed on both sides of the Unions and the Companies, but at a time when jobs are scarce, and consumer spending is way down, the people who make good money, and have good benefits, from working in unions have to understand that they are going to take a hit too, just like the rest of us.

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