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I understand why unions where created in the first place, however, they're one of the primary reasons that America is in the mess that it is. First they price Americans out of work, then wonder why companies would rather open up factories overseas. Seriously, why pay one worker $30 an hour with full medical benefits for his family, retirement plans, etc. when you can build a factory in Indonesia and pay 100 workers $1.00 an hour for 200 times the work?

Modern unions really only exist to make sure that bad workers get paid the same as good workers. In other words, they are the prototype for American socialism. No wonder Obama wants to force people into unions.

Unions are one of the primary reasons that GM and Chrysler went under. They wouldn't allow workers to renegotiate their contracts, so the companies were forced to close down factories and dealerships. Personally, I would rather take a pay cut than be forced to find a new job, unfortunately the unions wouldn't allow that. So, instead of the workers getting a 40-50% pay cut, they got a 100% pay cut. The unions just made the situation worse.
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