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Originally Posted by Tyburn
It didnt stop the Chinese.

I wasnt suggesting she was killed in a political ploy. I was suggesting that within the mass group of anti-governmental protestors are a smaller group of people who are possibly moving for a coup or regieme change. The substantiation for this is because the Government dont seem to be killing randomly, or on a mass scale. They seem to be killing the odd individual here and there.

The West is foolish if it hasnt seized this as an opportunity to remove such a monsterous regieme....and I think that is alright to do. They are doing nothing but silently aiding an oppressed people who have organized themselves. Its not intervention, or soverignty stealing...its supporting the democratic majority since they dare to stand up for themselves.

I hope they are successful, and that they either force a recount that at worst leads to a coillition government, at best, ousts the president...or that they are successful in a coup which would go as far as to see the removal of the Ayatollah himself.
Good point, but that was the Chinese this is Iran.

Also, if it was some random small group who targeted her for one reason or another, that would still be a political ploy. Personally, I just think they shot her because she was in their sights, and probably because she is a woman.

Either way, that video was nuts.
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