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Originally Posted by Neezar
I thought you were implying that the US should take this opportunity to intervene.

And I was thinking of your stance on our foreign affairs right now. Just having a hard time jiving the two.

Anyway, you know me well, go ahead and play out that debate in your head for me. I am short on time right now. And I'm sure that you can come up with my questions to you relating to being consistent with your advice to the young US.

Intervene, Yes...but not by Military means....well...not be open warfare.

I think they should sneak in and topple the government from inside. I think they should go in undercover, arm, and encourage the Demonstrators...I think they should support and quietly try and protect them...then when the time is right, watch the protestors make their coup and be ready to stand behind them when they do to ensure their success.

That doesnt break any United Nations Sanctions...because there is no law governing something that is not supposed to happen period. Technically, there is no direct law saying that friends cant help each other out. The United States would simply be helping the democratic majority. They could go as far as saying they were actually helping the TRUE government of Iran.

But of course...they simply deny all knowledge if things go wrong. No Proof, no exposure.

I'm all for State Sponcered Covert Opporations. Its clean, its effective, there are moral justifications.

Its not IN the its not exactly against the law...and...if the spys get caught...well...pretend it wasnt you
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